How To Generate More Likes On Instagram? – Best Practices


To provide users with “a quick, attractive, and engaging way to share your life with friends through a sequence of images,” Instagram was developed. Well-known Instagram users zero in on the words “beautiful” and “friends” in that sentence. If you use Instagram in the same way, you’ll have a better chance of getting seen among the app’s nearly 100 million other users and of getting more people to like your Instagram posts.

Photos of your family, colleagues, and travels may all be shared on Instagram. You may now showcase your company’s wares, samples, and completed projects there as well. Even if such updates are instructive, they risk losing their initial appeal after a while. Keep your attention on them on a frequent basis. Share pictures of your daily life that feature subjects they would find intriguing and prompt them to interact with your post via Instagram likes and comments. Be sure to only share high-quality, aesthetically pleasing photographs with them. Keep in mind that the Instagram community has a preference for certain types of images. Blue-dominated, high-contrast, bright, textured, softly hued, and mildly saturated photographs with ample foregrounds get the most likes, according to visual researcher Curalate.


With hashtags, Instagram users may discover new content and make connections with those who share similar interests. The use of hashtags in Instagram captions is a great way to gain exposure and new followers. This technique requires that your Instagram account is set to Public; otherwise, only authorized followers will be able to view your posts. You may find popular, trending, and relevant hashtags with the aid of several Instagram Web viewers and third-party programmes. Make use of them as necessary, but don’t go crazy with them; Instagram will delete any post with more than 30 hashtags.


Instagram is a social media network, so you can interact with other users. As well as following users, you should also like and comment on their photos. You should show appreciation for your own comments and likes and follow them if they deserve it. You can even start a conversation with Instagram reels comments for your posts and videos. 

Some of Instagram’s most popular users like to pose questions to their followers, prompting them to identify the subject of a photo or even enter a contest of their own, complete with a unique hashtag. They update often as well. You risk annoying and losing some of your followers if you subject them to long periods with no posts or too many posts all at once. Instead, be sure you publish consistently and on time when your followers are most likely to be checking their photo feeds.


Several of the most popular Instagram users also submit their photos and videos to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and others. With the Instagram app installed on a mobile device, publishing to social media is a breeze. People who maintain blogs often write an article specifically for the purpose of making a picture pinnable on Pinterest. When you promote your Instagram feed and posts in this way, you increase your chances of attracting a larger audience and gaining new followers.

Bobby Clark