How To Increase The Number Of Visitors To Your Blog Using Instagram

Instagram is an excellent social media network for promoting your blog and attracting new readers. In this post, we’ve examined how to use this powerful tool to attract new users and bring quality traffic back to your website.

Instagram has more than a billion active monthly users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms on the market. Lots of different firms have achieved tremendous success on this platform by establishing their brand or connecting with followers in various ways, from beauty companies to subscription services to bloggers and larger big box corporations, etc.

The square-shaped photos of people on vacation, selfies, and food photos that appeared on Instagram quickly became a marketing tool for bloggers. It started as a simple social media app, but it has since evolved into a powerful tool for bloggers who want to develop their readership by attracting visitors from high-quality sources.

1. Use Graphics And Videos

It’s a visual world on social media. Using Instagram to promote your blog and show off your skills is essential.

Get creative and share your graphics with the world to leave a lasting impact! Play around with different Instagram filters, color overlays, and fonts to create eye-catching posts that will have your followers coming back for more.

Instagram, like virtually all other social media platforms, is seeing an increase in the consumption of video content. When posted to an account feed, videos increase engagement on your content since people are more likely to watch them. Make sure your fans know what they’ll discover in your current post by adding a video preview or straight link!!

By integrating videos in both your stories and your normal feed, you’ll keep your audience engaged. You will appear higher in their feeds as a result of increasing engagement, which will direct them straight to the link in your profile!

2. Use Hashtags

With the use of hashtags, you may increase the exposure of your material on social media. Add hashtags to your Instagram posts at the end to function as keywords and directories for those looking for additional information about what they just saw in that image, if you haven’t yet gathered thousands of followers.

Your material can be seen by more people if you utilize hashtags, which can also increase the number of people who follow you. Through polished attention-grabbing material with clear calls to action, you’ll receive more likes and views on your site.

Choose a few hashtags that best define your blog’s identity and use them in all of your posts. The use of hashtags can help people locate and share their own experiences with your content. Make sure your followers are aware of your custom hashtags so they may use them as you do.

3. Engagement

One of the most essential things to remember when utilizing social media to promote a blog article is that you will not be successful unless you interact with your readers regularly.

It’s not enough to just upload material to your page and hope that no one notices.

Engage with people on social media by liking, commenting, sharing photographs and videos portraying their hobbies, tagging them for competitions or promotions – anything that indicates interest in them! If you want to show your appreciation for someone who has taken the time to connect with you, make sure you congratulate them as well.

Cross-promotion is an excellent approach to creating new acquaintances and having your work seen by a wider audience. When you come across something that your audience would like or relate to, consider sharing it and tagging the author so that they may reciprocate with a share of the love. This makes you both more visible to a broader audience!


Instagram is a fantastic tool that may help you boost your blog or website’s traffic and increase conversions. When sharing material on Instagram, keep these ideas in mind so that you’re getting the most out of the site.

Bobby Clark