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How To Turn Off Vanish Mode On Instagram [Android And Ios]

How To Turn Off Vanish Mode On Instagram

Instagram has introduced vanish mode in the year 2020 to safeguard the user’s privacy policy. The vanish mode on Instagram is more like Snapchat’s default disappearing messages. If the users enable this feature, all messages will disappear after the chat ends.

The primary function of the “Vanish mode” feature is to stop receiving unwanted messages from strangers. It can be used only in one-to-one conversations and not in group chats. You can use this feature only if both users follow each other on Instagram and hide messages after enabling vanish mode. 

What Is Vanish Mode On Instagram?

Vanish mode first came into existence on Facebook and later it emerged in the Instagram messaging feature. It allows the application to create temporary chat threads that get erased automatically when your chat ends.

Many creators are now using Instagram with the dream of getting more reach and impressions. Since vanish mode on Instagram helps creators to join temporary chats, it helps to get more reach by engaging the audience and reply to their messages on Instagram DM by enabling the vanish mode. Replying to direct messages from audiences helps to boost Instagram impressions and create a good reputation for brands. Here, you can use the Instagram vanish mode as you chat with many unknown users. It benefits you in increasing your brand reach and impressions along with enhancing your privacy.      

How To Use Instagram Vanish Mode?

iOs Device

Instagram vanish mode is available for both iOs and Android users. Though the iOs differ from Android, Instagram works similarly in turning on/off vanish mode. Many Instagram users prefer this feature as it protects their privacy and helps to share confidential messages. Follow the steps below to turn on vanish mode on iPhone

  1. Select the “message” icon on your device.
  2. Open the conversation to turn on “vanish mode” on Instagram
  3. Swipe up the mobile’s screen.
  4. And hold the chat screen for a few seconds.

Android Device

  1. Open the “Instagram” app on your device
  2. Go to “message icon.”
  3. Open a specific chat or conversation with your friends.
  4. Swipe up the mobile screen.

Holding the screen for a few seconds will enable the vanish mode on Instagram.

Laptop or PCs

The Instagram vanish mode can be used only in iOs and Android. We cannot use or enable “vanish mode” on a laptop because Instagram does not offer “vanish mode” on laptops and PCs. You cannot see significant features when you use Instagram on laptop/pc browsers because many of them use Instagram on mobile phones.

How To Turn On Vanish Mode On Instagram?

Instagram’s vanish mode is a default option, and you can turn it on/off when you want. You can use this option in one-to-one conversations and not in group chats. Enabling vanish mode will not apply to all the chats on DM; it is a private chat setting; thus, it applies to specific users.

  1. Open your “Instagram” app on your device.
  2. Click the “chat or message” icon. It takes you to a message menu.
  3. Select a random chat of your friend.
  4. Swipe up the mobile’s screen.
  5. A pop-up will appear on the screen showing “turning on vanish mode.” 

After enabling “vanish mode,” the screen’s color will change to a black theme.

What Does Vanish Mode Do On Instagram?

Vanish mode disappears all the messages, videos, pictures, and memes from one who turns on vanish mode on Instagram. The primary purpose is to enhance the user’s privacy and to block unwanted and spam messages from strangers. Using vanish mode on DM will work like a standard message on Instagram. It only disappears the chats as soon as you end the conversation. Apart from this, you’ll receive message notifications and reply to the messages like a usual Instagram DM.

Points To Note: To Use Instagram Vanish Mode

  • You can use vanish mode if both users accept the request.
  • Vanish mode can be used only in a one-to-one conversation.
  • You cannot restore any messages, pictures, or videos.
  • If one of the users takes a screenshot, both users will get notifications.
  • You cannot use vanish mode in group chats, videos, and audio calls.
  • You cannot forward any content in vanish mode.
  • You cannot retrieve data if you turn off vanish mode on Instagram.

What happens if anyone takes a screenshot of messages while “vanish mode” on?

When you take a screenshot of the messages using vanish mode, both users will receive a notification to ensure the user’s privacy protection.

How To Turn Off Vanish Mode On Instagram Dms

Vanish mode on Instagram prevents user privacy policy and benefits like it consumes less storage, has only limited cache memory, and prevents spam and abusive messages. But some users have difficulty using Instagram vanish mode because you cannot retrieve data like photos, videos, documents, and messages once it disappears. 

 Follow the steps below to turn off “vanish mode” on Instagram 

  1. Open the “Instagram app” on your device.
  2. Tap on the “chat” icon on the top right corner of your account.
  3. Select the conversation, and enable “vanish mode.”
  4. Swipe up from bottom to top. The “vanish mode” will disappear.

And the chat screen will turn from a black theme to the default Instagram message screen color.

How To Stop Disappearing Photos On Instagram?

There are two main reasons for disappearing photos on Instagram,

  • If a friend shares a photo with you on Instagram DM and it disappears after a few minutes. It may occur because the owner of the image deleted the specific image.

  • If you enable “vanish mode” on Instagram, the photos disappear after you leave the conversation. So to stop disappearing photos on Instagram, you need to turn off “vanish mode” on Instagram. 


I hope this article will help you to know about vanish mode and the steps to turn on/off on Instagram DM. This feature has pros and cons, but Instagram introduced this feature to enhance the privacy policy of Instagram users. It helps to share confidential and personal details.

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